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Plane Simple

Satcom Antenna Systems

Plane Simple ATMA and SMU
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Plane Simple™ Delivers

Ultimate Flexibility

The advanced tail mount terminal design features only two Line Replaceable Units (LRUs), simplifying installation and configuration requirements while providing a seamless and cost-effective transition path as technology advances. As an SD-manufactured product, the Plane Simple Tail Mount Terminal also allows for advanced support and troubleshooting by the SD support team, improving the overall connectivity experience.

Satcom Modem Unit (SMU)

Purpose Built

  • First network integrated terminal designed exclusively for business aviation
  • Dedicated capacity for business aviation service over the Intelsat FlexExec network
  • Enhanced troubleshooting and support capabilities

Simplified Design

  • Only 2 Line Replaceable Units (LRUs)
  • Minimally invasive installation
  • Non-pressurized install capability

Future Proof

  • Open architecture
  • Advanced antenna technology
  • Seamless, cost-effective transition path as satellite technology advances
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The power of the rhythm

VIBREL V3 PRO offers you state-of-the-art sound technology with complete rhythm control. The headphone’s structure will enhance the way you hear and feel the music, with no boundaries.

Only $239

Plane Simple Ku ATMA installed on a Gulfstream G350
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